About us

We are a vending machine company that operates in and around Lawrence, Kansas. Our founder, Troy Goldenberg, founded the company in his first year of grad school at KU. We are run by all college students and we aspire to give college students real opportunities to learn operations, accounting, marketing, and sales. 

At Lawrence Vending our clients come first. What we do is simple, We place vending machines and provide stocking services all free of charge. Our goal is to connect with our customers and provide the best customer experience possible. 

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please reach out. 

How It Works

  • Call us with any questions or problems. We are always willing to help or have a friendly conversation.
  • We will provide exactly what you want, placing the machine for free and stocking the machine for free.
  • Contact us and tell us what you want.

Contact Information

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Contact Us

Troy Goldenberg 



(913) 708 – 3655


Luke Lechtenberg 

Director of Sales 


(918) 519 – 9996